Cheese-maker for a day

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Cheese-maker for a day

Prepare exquisite payoya goat cheese with your own hands. In the heart of the mountains of Crestellina (Casares) discover the men and women of the Andalusian meadows who use all the most traditional methods to breed animals and make a delicious and unique cheese.

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Make your own cheese

Cultural Tourism

Imagine tasting exquisite goat cheese made with your own hands. Discover the secrets of one of the most famous cheeses in Andalusia from the mouths of the country men and women. Inherit a centennial tradition for animal breeding and cheese making.


Official guide (3h)
Tasting of gourmet products.
Payoya goat cheese making workshop with the owner of the farm and the veterinary.
Gift mini-cheese, made by you!


Explore the heart of the mountains of Sierra Crestellina, in Casares. A watchtower covered by pine trees and holm oaks, and inhabited since prehistoric times by mountain goats. Find a traditional cheese factory that creates its delicacies with milk from payoya goats, a native race from Andalusia. 

Imagine being a cheese-maker for a day, accompanied by the men and women from Casares in a unique cheese factory in which you may taste more of the gourmet products of the area. Live the idiosyncrasy of the Andalusian country. 

Inherit the centennial tradition of goat breeding and the classic making of an international fame exquisite cheese. Discover, step by step, how to make that cheese. And take it with you to enjoy it whenever you want. 

An experience uniting tradition, ethnography, flavours, aromas and emotions in rural Andalusia. 

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Cheese-maker for a day
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